Night Owls – Why it may be Unhealthy?

This article will be different from my usual sweet and dessert pieces because I want health.  I saw something interesting on TV and wanted to focus a bit more on this and it involves being a night owl.  A new study from the country Finland have found that there is a cause of concerned if you are more a night owl than a morning person.  There could be some health issues if you fall in the category of not sleeping during the night and sleeping during the day.

The theory is that people of the night as I put it, will in fact consume lesser food on average.  And furthermore, they tend to eat unhealthier foods such as items with tons of sugar.  It is said that morning people will on average eat healthier because probably of the traditional breakfast items that we consume.  Yes some of these breakfast items can be unhealthy but they are far better than the choices in by night owls.  This is according to the research and I can attest to it.

Night people will also tend to eat food items not only with lots of sugar but also have more calories and fat especially the saturated kind.  Looking at the overall perspective, one researcher puts it like this, the timing of our meals will affect us drastically based on the food choices on hand.  For us humans it is better in the morning and the finish off with a smaller meal later in the day.  I didn’t get this part but I assume less at supper than at breakfast doesn’t really make sense.  But according to that reasoning, he or she will have a better chance of losing weight.  I will have to look into this study a bit more.

The big question is, what if you can’t help but being a night owl?  An expert has pointed out that the best way to optimize your health if you’re a night owl is to not eat three or four hours before actually going bed.  I used to sleep at 6 AM until 2 PM because of work and school.  On average I go to bed around 6 AM, so I should stop eating at around 2 or 3 AM.  I hope this makes sense because I heard this before even during the evenings after dinner you should try to eat something small but it has to be two or three hours before bedtime.