The Versatility of Banana Leaves

Bananas are one of the healthiest and tastiest fruits in the world.  It is used in many desserts in Asia and South America because of its sweetness.  Many people forget that, the leaves of the banana tree are just as important as the actual fruit.  The leaves are such a versatile tool, used mainly for wrapping and holding food and liquids.  Understand it is not used for eating but used as more as a vessel or for wrapping items.  Here are three main things that make it so versatile:

  • Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Large sizes

When used as a wrap for food, it provides an extra aroma to that item.  Even more, it can be steamed without burning the food thus protecting the contents during this process.  Other utilities that the leaves are used for are for packaging.  In the country of India the leaves are dried and used for packaging not just for food content but also as a water container.  In the country of China, the leaves are used for wrapping fatty pork.  While being steamed and inside the banana leave, the juices of the fat make the pork even more rich and tastier.

Desert time

on the desert side of things, banana leaves are the popular choice of using it as a wrap once again for desserts found in South East Asia.  The most common desserts you will find in this style is that of a bean paste mix.  This is quite popular in countries such as Vietnam and Thailand.  The bean paste is mixed with coconut rice providing a nice texture.  The coconut rice is basically of a gluten style as it is very sticky.  You find often that the bean paste will be sometimes replaced by banana or the plantains.